Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sketch Crawling through the Old Gospel Press Building

So it may be cold outside, but this Saturday we'll be crawling through a truly amazing location. The old Gospel Press Building (now Tremont Place Lofts) is an old bible factory and seminary that has some of the most interesting and eclectic layouts in the entire region.

The story goes that the chief architect for the complex was in charge of overseeing the design of each new addition to the complex. He would attempt new styles with each new addition, which resulted in a complex of buildings that has quite a range of varying styles....perfect for drawing. For some more on the history of the building...click here

We'll meet at 10am at the intersection of Thurman and Jefferson (near the entrance to the parking lot for Gospel Press). Then we'll head on into the main office for the complex. It will be chilly so make sure you dress warm. We'll be inside and outside for this crawl.

Claudia (our contact at Tremont Place Lofts) is interested in seeing some of the sketches of the building and they might even use some in the marketing of the building! The sketch crawl leaves it's mark again :)

Anyway...i look forward to seeing you this Saturday, from 10 - 12noon!

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