Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April 3rd CLE Sketch Crawl in Ohio City

This Saturday, April 3rd, the Cleveland Sketch Crawl will be taking advantage of the gorgeous weather and sketching in Ohio City. We'll be sketching the area surrounding the Carnegie West Library ( Map ).

The library is situated on a triangular piece of land that is bordered by Bridge and Fulton. The area is really a perfect location for sketching....historic homes and storefronts, St. Patrick Catholic Church and of course the library. We'll meet on the steps of the library at 10am. Bill Bradford (the branch manager of the library) will give us a brief overview of the history of the library and some of the architectural points of interest inside and out!

As always...the sketch crawl is free and open to anyone who loves to draw. We'll be sketching from 10am - 12noon. At noon we'll reconvene back at the library steps.

If you have not been to this area of Ohio City...there is an amazing crepe place (with incredible french press coffee) right across the street from the Library. They aren't open till 11am...but it is a great location to sketch the area as well!

Friday, March 12, 2010

As promised...past sketches

I've finally scanned in some of the remaining sketches from past crawls. For those of you who've attended the Sketch Crawl in the past...scan in your sketch and email it to me I'll post them so people can see that people with REAL talent come to the crawl too ;)

Gospel Press: March '10

Zoo sketches - February '10

Brownstone Inn on a Georgous November day (close to 70 degrees) - 2009

Galley of the USS Cod - May 2009

Trinity Cathedral - March '09

West Side Marketing - January 2009

Flats - August 2008

Detroit Superior Subway Tour - July '08

Public Hall Tour - May '08

Monday, March 8, 2010

Old sketches from past crawls

I always seem to forget to scan in my sketch these are from a few crawls. I have some more in my other book (which also includes sketches from the March 6th crawl)

Above: is the old coast guard station right on the mouth of the Cuyahoga. You can access the station by Wendy Park. We were here for the June crawl last year.

Above: A view of the Stonebridge condo tower which is off of the superior viaduct (the recent addition). This view is from the underside of the Detroit Superior Bridge during one of the open subway tours that the County does in the summer. As you can see...I like to sketch a particular item or a portion of an item....i'm not big on sketching an entire scene :)

Above: the west door of the Brett Memorial Hall at the main branch of the Cleveland Public Library. Below is an earlier sketch of the same hall (I like it better).

Old Gospel Press Building is Incredible!

Tremont Place Lofts are amazing! The sketch crawl was there on Saturday and it had to be one of the coolest locations we've ever visited (sorry, don't mean to rub it in for those of you who weren't able to make it).

The complex, which is comprised of 11 different buildings, is so unique and interesting. Claudia graciously let us view multiple apartments...including the 3,000 sq ft. apartment that is on the 6th floor and is absolutely amazing! I hope to post pictures of the place soon (any of you who were there...please email me some photos...I forgot my camera). You have to check out the complex for yourself if you have never been.

If you are looking to rent closer to the city....i promise you can't find a more unique address than Tremont Place Lofts. Perfect location and incredibly unique and historic units (all fitted with modern fixtures and kitchens). It probably isn't for everybody, but if you love history, architecture and building character (in the best way possible)...then you'll love Tremont Place Lofts.

And I've just been talking about the apartments for living...they were amazing for sketching. I'll post my sketches is a link to Karen's blog and some of her sketches:

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sketch Crawling through the Old Gospel Press Building

So it may be cold outside, but this Saturday we'll be crawling through a truly amazing location. The old Gospel Press Building (now Tremont Place Lofts) is an old bible factory and seminary that has some of the most interesting and eclectic layouts in the entire region.

The story goes that the chief architect for the complex was in charge of overseeing the design of each new addition to the complex. He would attempt new styles with each new addition, which resulted in a complex of buildings that has quite a range of varying styles....perfect for drawing. For some more on the history of the here

We'll meet at 10am at the intersection of Thurman and Jefferson (near the entrance to the parking lot for Gospel Press). Then we'll head on into the main office for the complex. It will be chilly so make sure you dress warm. We'll be inside and outside for this crawl.

Claudia (our contact at Tremont Place Lofts) is interested in seeing some of the sketches of the building and they might even use some in the marketing of the building! The sketch crawl leaves it's mark again :)

Anyway...i look forward to seeing you this Saturday, from 10 - 12noon!

View Sketch Crawl March 6th in a larger map