Monday, March 8, 2010

Old Gospel Press Building is Incredible!

Tremont Place Lofts are amazing! The sketch crawl was there on Saturday and it had to be one of the coolest locations we've ever visited (sorry, don't mean to rub it in for those of you who weren't able to make it).

The complex, which is comprised of 11 different buildings, is so unique and interesting. Claudia graciously let us view multiple apartments...including the 3,000 sq ft. apartment that is on the 6th floor and is absolutely amazing! I hope to post pictures of the place soon (any of you who were there...please email me some photos...I forgot my camera). You have to check out the complex for yourself if you have never been.

If you are looking to rent closer to the city....i promise you can't find a more unique address than Tremont Place Lofts. Perfect location and incredibly unique and historic units (all fitted with modern fixtures and kitchens). It probably isn't for everybody, but if you love history, architecture and building character (in the best way possible)...then you'll love Tremont Place Lofts.

And I've just been talking about the apartments for living...they were amazing for sketching. I'll post my sketches is a link to Karen's blog and some of her sketches: