Monday, March 8, 2010

Old sketches from past crawls

I always seem to forget to scan in my sketch these are from a few crawls. I have some more in my other book (which also includes sketches from the March 6th crawl)

Above: is the old coast guard station right on the mouth of the Cuyahoga. You can access the station by Wendy Park. We were here for the June crawl last year.

Above: A view of the Stonebridge condo tower which is off of the superior viaduct (the recent addition). This view is from the underside of the Detroit Superior Bridge during one of the open subway tours that the County does in the summer. As you can see...I like to sketch a particular item or a portion of an item....i'm not big on sketching an entire scene :)

Above: the west door of the Brett Memorial Hall at the main branch of the Cleveland Public Library. Below is an earlier sketch of the same hall (I like it better).