Monday, April 27, 2009

Old Stone Adventure

To say that Old Stone was amazing, would be an understatement. Beth Giuliano was the best tour guide (even if she didn't think she had all the stories down). I thoroughly enjoyed the day.

To start off, there was a choir practicing for Easter when we were in there (if you are new to reading this blog....yes,....i did say EASTER. I am one of those "Holy crap i forgot to post" bloggers), so the atmosphere was amazing. Beth started off the tour in one of the more modern chapels in Old Stone, but after that, we headed towards the basement of the old building....which was really cool. You could see the old stones from the original foundation (the first church on the site burnt down in the late 1800's). Very interesting.

But the most interested part of the day, was when Beth unvield the keys to the bell tower. At first we werent' sure if we'd be able to get up into the tower...because the key didn't seem to work. But one of the gentlemen on our crawl that day worked the key for a bit and was able to open the door. Eurika!!

From there, we climbed up a series of levels (i think it was about 5 different sets of steep stairs and laddars) till we reached the room with the clock mechanism. We weren't sure that we could make it to the clock though because some of the levels were pitch black. We had to wait for our eyes to adjust and then press onwards. All the climbing and exploring was worth it. We had some awesome shots of the Public Square and Terminal Tower....and just the ablility to explore such a historic tower was cool in itself.

Honestly, i didn't get much sketching done that day....i slipped into more of my exploring/photography mode. But's all good at the Cleveland Sketch Crawl.

Next month we'll be at the USS COD, right on Northcoast Harbor. Check out some pictures from the day.