Monday, March 2, 2009

Sketching Trinity Cathedral

Saturday, March 7th, Trinity Cathedral will be the location for our next Sketch Crawl.

The century old Church is one of the city's finest examples of cathedral architecture and is an amazing location for a Saturday morning Sketch Crawl. There are alot of amazing stories behind the construction of Trinity and hopefully we'll be able to get a brief tour of the building as well.

We'll meet in the front lobby of the church at 10am. We'll spend the entire time inside Trinity so it won't be hard to find us if you are a little late. The weather should be warm this weekend, so we should be able to sketch outside as well.

Make sure you put our next Sketch Crawls on our calendar!!

April 4th
Old Stone Church
The oldest building on Public Square is also the home to absolutely beautiful architecture and amazing stories. Don't miss an inside tour of this building!

May 2nd
USS Cod (the Submarine near the Rock Hall)
What better way to kick off the summer than to take a tour of the USS Cod and sketch the unique compartments of this World War II Sub.