Monday, December 3, 2007

Touring the City!

This past Saturday we "Sketch" Crawled through Public Square and Tower City! It was a lighter attendance this past week, but we had a great time. I heard some where a bit late...sorry that we missed you. We waited at the Arcade till about 10:20, then we headed out.

As we were walking, I think Maureen or I mentioned the Soldier's and Sailor's monument...and we decided to make a detour on our way to Tower City. We walked into the monument (and if you haven't had a chance to check out the inside of the definitely is one of this cities hidden treasures) and got an in depth tour of the monument. That place is full of interesting history and stories. We decided to take pictures of the monument and sketch later because we enjoyed the tour so much. **We will be heading back there to do more sketching in January.

Our next stop was Tower City. At this point...i transitioned into my secret hobby profession...tour guide. I love showing people the interesting parts of the city. There really is so much to discover in Downtown! We spent a good portion of time in the lobby of Terminal Tower reading the historical markers and studying the paintings in the vaulted ceiling (i never noticed Charles Lindberg till then...that could be a great scavenger hunt clue) .

Tower City was packed full of people on Saturday. It seemed like there were hundreds of kids with their families down there to watch the Holiday performances at noon. It really is an amazing environment for the holidays....seeing all those kids cramming around the fountain...00ing and ahhhing...its great.

Well, we didn't do much sketching during the crawl...but we had a great time! I'll upload some photo's from the day later, but the sketch above is a perfect example of GREAT places there are to sketch in the monument (That is an awesome piece Maureen!)

Here is what we are planning for the next couple of crawls:

  • January 5th - We'll be back on the same route we did this past Saturday. We will head over to the Soldier's and Sailors Monument and spend time sketching inside (its warm in no worries). We'll also sketch the inner lobby of the BP tower...even though it is more is a great space (and its warm!). I am going to try and see if we can get into lobby of the Metzenbaum Courthouse...but it maybe closed on Saturday.
  • February 2nd - Library Crawl. This complex has hundreds of awesome spaces in it and it is the perfect place to spend a cold February day! We will see if we can set up an impromptu tour of the Library by a librarian and be sure to check the special collections exhibit in the old building.
Give me a call at the office if you are interested in coming...i can give you the best directions to where we meet. 216-736-7799 or you can email me at