Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My Calander reading skills are slipping!

Hey everybody,

I apologize for the confusion about our next Sketch Crawl! Someone just pointed out that I mistakenly mentioned the date for the next Sketch Crawl being on December the 8th...when the first Saturday of the month is THIS Saturday. So...in case you have been lead astray by my previous post...

...Our next Sketch Crawl is this Saturday!

We'll meet at the DCA Marketing Suite as usual and then we'll head over to Tower City to sketch. There are so many awesome things to draw inside that complex. The holiday decorations are up and the crowds will be down for shopping. It will be a fun atmosphere. Feel free to shop too!

I will say this...while the official times for the sketch crawl are from 10-12noon...the city is open to anything you want. Anyone is free to continue sketching through the areas we explore each month. This event is more about exploration anyway! I hop you can make it down this month...we look forward to having an even bigger turn out! See you on Saturday.