Friday, September 10, 2010

Cleveland Sketch Hop!!

I'm on the road getting set up for this year's Sparx City Hop, which is tomorrow! 10 great Cleveland neighborhoods will be connected by FREE trolleys from 11am - 11pm on Sept 11th. Over 100 restaurants, 70 galleries and artist studios, festivals and over 30 concerts will take place throughout the day and night! Check out all the event details here

We will be sketching through the event! Normally we meet at 10am, but tomorrow we will be meeting at 11am at the Sparx Trolley hub on E.4th Street and Prospect. Look for the group with the sketch pads. We'll start sketching all the activity at the E.4th hub and then head over to Tower City's Street Festival at 12noon. Food will be available at the festival so bring some money and your sense of adventure.

Here is a map of where we will meet:

View 2010 Sparx City Hop in a larger map

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