Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Zoo's Rainforest!

I am very excited about this month's sketch crawl! The Cleveland MetroParks Zoo is an amazing place to visit, but it is one of those spots that also makes for absolutely unique sketching opportunities. Drawing buildings is one thing....drawing animals is something entirely different.

One of our stalwart sketchers has been able to grant access for our group to sketch the Rainforest. This location is only open to those taking part in the sketch bring your pad and utensils and join in the fun! Due do limited space, please RSVP to me if you are planning on attending to make sure there is room (

Hope to see you all there!

Next Sketch Crawls...
March 6th
The Lofts at Tremont Place
(Gospel Press Building)
This complex is an old bible factory that has been turned into one of the most unique mix of lofts in the city. Don't miss the opportunity to sketch this awesome building

April 3rd
St. Patrick's Parish on Bridge Ave
Ohio City
We will be sketching the area around Fulton and Bridge

May 1st
The Steamship William G. Mather Museum
North Coast Harbor
With the temperatures still makes me happy to think of being on the deck of the Mather, sketching...with the sun actually shining. This location will have amazing views of the skyline (similar to the USS COD sketch crawl last year)