Monday, August 17, 2009

Detroit Superior Subway Bridge Tour

photo by Chris Rembold: Photo Challenge 2008

On September 5th, the we will be exploring one of my favorite locations in the city, the lower level of the Detroit Superior Bridge. Even though it is open about 3 times a year, this is still one of the most hidden places in the city. Amazingly...too many people have never taken advantage of these "open houses".

The lower level of the bridge offers some extremely unique perspectives of the river, warehouse district, Downtown and Ohio City. In addition to the views, there are several exhibits on Cleveland's street car past.

We will meet at 10am on the north side of the bridge, on the west edge of the bridge (just off W.25th). For a map of our meeting location, click here

Bring your camera along with your sketch book for this one! There are tons of great views. Not to mention that span of the bridge that is just see through metal grate....see through all the way to the river, over 100 feet below!!