Friday, June 5, 2009

Sketching the USS Cod

The USS Cod was a great location to sketch. Intimidating, but a great location! It is hard to believe that so many men would patrol on that sub.

Paul Farace and some of the "crew" graciously hosted us for a tour of the sub and told us the history and background stories of restorting this WWII relic. I spent the majority of my time sketching the Galley (that's kitchen for all ye land lovers). Don't ask me my I just lapsed into Pirate.

It seems like I've been posting more pictures on this Cleveland Sketch Crawl blog than sketches. I promise to change that. I have to scan in my sketches. Which reminds me, if any of you that have attending the Cleveland Sketch Crawl haven't sent in your sketches, please email them to me so that we can send them along to the locations we've been. I know that Paul from the USS Cod would love to see our renditions of the COD.