Friday, September 5, 2008

Crawl through the Malls

The September Sketch Crawl is going to take place through Downtown Cleveland's Malls. No...i'm not talking about Galleria and Tower City...I'm talking about a Mall as in a large outdoor public space.

Downtown has 3 malls that make up one of the coolest spaces in Cleveland. Surrounding the Malls are the major civic buildings of the city: The Metzenbaum Courthouse, the Public Library, the Board of Education, Public Auditorium, City Hall and the County Courthouse.

While most people use the Malls as a cut through to get to other parts of the city....there are destinations in their own right and they have amazing elements to draw.

We'll be starting off at The Arcade as usual and working our way towards the Lake. The crawl starts at 10am and goes to noon!

If you are interested...there is an economic development event that is showcasing some of the plans that are being put forth in the city. It is at the Galleria at Erieview from 12 noon - 4pm. It costs $10, but you can see alot of the projects that are going on behind the scenes that are making Cleveland thrive....find out more info here 10,000 ideas