Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cleveland Sketch Crawl

Whew...summer is finally here. Of course, now that i say that...the weather will turn chilly and a slight frost will be in the air, but hey....that is life on the Great Lakes. I was just sitting next to a young guy from the UP of Michigan and he said they still have snow on the ground! Nothing like hearing that to make you appreciate what we have here.

Our next get together will be this coming Satuday, May 3rd. We'll be meeting as usual in the Arcade and then we'll be off to our location for the day. We will be crawling through the Malls towards the Lake, stopping at the Cleveland Convention Center and working our way towards the Rock Hall. This Saturday is the Diversity Walk and there will be thousands at the Rock Hall for the walk and 5k. Instead of just sketching environments, this will give us some different subject matter.

The weather does call for rain, but we'll wait and see. We'll have a good mix indoor and outdoor locations to draw in just incase. Hope to see you all there.