Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Sketch Crawl this Saturday!

Hey everybody, this Saturday is the first Cleveland Sketch Crawl! This first crawl will highlight Cleveland's most popular Arcades and the environments that surround them. It will be a great opportunity to get together with other fellow sketchers and draw unique perspectives of these amazing parts of the city.

We will start things off in the Old Arcade and work our way over towards the Colonial Arcade. This is a free and open event to anyone that loves to come on down!

If you are interested in seeing where this idea of a Cleveland Sketch crawl came from....check out This is the brainchild of cartoon artist Enrico Casarosa ( I believe he is located in California). He has started this sketch crawl phenomenon and it has really taken off! It is such a simple and cool idea...and it is a great way to bring people together to explore the city, its people and all the things that go on in a metropolitan area.

So...that is why we thought we organize a Cleveland Sketch crawl and start our own community here! If you check out , they will be organizing a World Wide Sketch Crawl on November 4th. Our next Cleveland Sketch Crawl is scheduled for November the 3rd....but i hope we can all participate in our own way for the World Wide Crawl the following day! It would be great to participate in something global like that!

Anyway...just thought I'd leave a quick note. See you all on Saturday!